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10 Tips to Protect Your Shipments During Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day weekend has historically shown a spike in cargo theft rates. CargoNet, a Verisk business, has analyzed data from 2019 to 2023 and note that during this period, there have been 146 reported theft events, with an average annual value of stolen goods reaching $264,016. Notably, three incidents involved thefts exceeding $1 million occurred on Memorial Day weekend. To help you secure your supply chain this holiday weekend, we offer the following tips.

Security Tips for Supply Chain Professionals (courtesy of Verisk)

  • Verify Carriers: Use the registered FMCSA phone number or email to confirm carrier details.
  • Monitor Updates: Regularly check FMCSA SAFER for recent MCS-150 form updates, which can indicate unauthorized changes to a carrier's information.
  • Check Load History: Ensure carriers have a positive and established load history.
  • Enhance Sign-In Procedures: Capture detailed information about trucks and drivers picking up shipments.

Tips to Secure Your Supply Chain with Security Seals During the Memorial Day Weekend

  1. Use High-Quality Tamper-Evident Security Seals: Ensure you're using high-quality tamper-evident seals that will perform to expectations. Select seals that provide clear visual indicators of tampering.
  2. Seal Every Access Point: Secure all access points with security seals, including trailer doors, containers, and storage units, to deter and detect unauthorized access.
  3. Document Seal Numbers: Keep a detailed log of seal numbers and locations. Record the seal number before and after transport to ensure no tampering has occurred during transit.
  4. Implement Seal Inspection Protocols: Train staff to inspect seals for signs of tampering at every checkpoint. Any broken or altered seals should be reported and investigated immediately.
  5. Enhance Driver Training: Train drivers on the importance of security seals and proper procedures for applying and checking them.
  6. Secure Seals with Barcodes and Unique Identifiers. If necessary, utilize GPS Tracking devises or specialized seals to monitor the location and integrity of shipments, allowing for rapid response to potential security breaches.
  7. Regularly Audit Security Practices: Conduct regular audits of your security practices and seal usage to identify and rectify any vulnerabilities.
  8. Collaborate with Trusted Partners: Work closely with trusted logistics partners who also prioritize security and understand the importance of maintaining the integrity of sealed shipments.
  9. Promote Awareness: Remind all employees and partners of the increased risk of theft during the holiday weekend and the critical role security seals play in mitigating these risks.
  10. Plan for Contingencies: Have a contingency plan in place for seal breaches or thefts, including clear steps for reporting, investigating, and responding to incidents.


By staying vigilant and implementing these security measures, supply chain professionals can significantly reduce the risk of cargo theft this Memorial Day weekend. Ensuring the safety of shipments not only protects assets, including brand value, but also maintains the integrity and efficiency of the supply chain.

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