Cambridge Security Seals Launches Manufacturing Training Program to Address Skilled Workforce Shortage

May 10, 2021

New York-based Manufacturer of Tamper-Evident Products Seeks to Develop Skilled Workforce Through Hands-On Training, Specialization, and Mentorship

Cambridge Security Seals (CSS), a global leader and American manufacturer of innovative tamper-evident seals and security solutions, recently launched a unique Manufacturing Training Program at its Pomona, New York production facility. Designed to offer both workforce entrants and displaced workers a path to a steady and lucrative career in 21st century manufacturing, the paid training program provides participants with on-the-job opportunities to learn modern technical skills and fundamental processes, with multiple paths to specialization and advancement within the company.

“The Manufacturing Training Program at Cambridge Security Seals is a hands-on process that teaches many of the skills and processes necessary for new entrants into the field to excel,” states Raymond Townsend, Cambridge Security Seals’ Director of Manufacturing.

The National Association of Manufacturers anticipates that over the next decade in America there will be an additional 4.6 million manufacturing jobs needed, but that more than half of them will go unfilled due to a skills gap. The trade organization reports that the impact of this “persistent skills shortage” could reduce GDP by $2.5 trillion between now and 2028.

“One of the top challenges manufacturers face today remains the skills gap in US manufacturing,” reports Deloitte, which itself projects 2.1 million unfilled manufacturing jobs by the end of the decade. “Manufacturers should create pathways to tomorrows jobs today.”

That is exactly what Cambridge Security Seals is doing, according to Elisha Tropper, the company’s CEO.

“We have seen firsthand the challenges facing both manufacturers and potential manufacturing employees due to a lack of certain skills that are critical to basic job performance,” explains Tropper. “Instead of continuing to bemoan the current state, we decided to do something about it.”

CSS’s Manufacturing Training Program begins with hands-on education in lean manufacturing and operating automated production equipment. Once a basic skills level has been achieved and certified by the trainers at CSS, the team member can continue developing a specific career by choosing from a variety of specialties, including Automation and Robotics, Machine Programming, Equipment Technician, Molding and Processing, and Leadership and Supervision. All participants in the program will also be provided a senior mentor for ongoing guidance throughout the length of their training.  

“Our base of applicants for manufacturing positions has shrunk dramatically over the past few years,” relates Townsend. “And the vast majority of the applicants are unfortunately poorly qualified to handle the job requirements. We developed our new Manufacturing Training Program to bridge the skills gap and ensure a capable workforce in the future.”

Since its founding in 2010, CSS has been consistently recognized as one of the most innovative manufacturers of tamper-evident seals. The company credits its rapid growth to its customer-centric philosophy and targeted research and development that have produced an array of high-performance security products. CSS tamper-evident and high-security seals are offered in a variety of standard and custom sizes, strengths, marking options, and unique designs and constructions to meet the specific security, informational, and marketing requirements of every customer. CSS offers additional benefits to its customers by utilizing its unique, award-winning package design process, which minimizes materials and size to reduce the product’s shipping and warehousing costs and environmental footprint.

Those interested in applying for the Manufacturing Training Program should contact Jeffrey Martin at

About Cambridge Security Seals (CSS)

Cambridge Security Seals (CSS), an ISO 9001:2015 certified privately-held enterprise headquartered in New York, offers an extensive line of tamper-evident, tamper-resistant, high-security, and track-and-trace loss prevention solutions to customers. across a wide range of industries. The company’s dedication to uncompromising quality, customer service, and outstanding value provides a blueprint for reliability and security. CSS services an increasingly diverse customer base spanning a variety of industries, including food and beverage, healthcare, pharmaceutical, airlines, retail, agriculture, freight, logistics, distribution, trucking, cash handling, rail transportation, and government.

CSS’ commitment to technology, quality standards, environmental responsibility, and attention to detail fuels its drive to provide security-conscious customers with the products, services, and value they demand from an industry leader. CSS is proud to be an American manufacturer, with a state-of-the-art production facility in Pomona, New York.

The backbone of CSS is a diversified team of technical experts and business professionals, including experienced engineering, design, production, and logistics specialists. This unique blend of management and production expertise enables the company to provide an unmatched level of value. For more information about CSS and our line of recycled seals, please visit or contact us by phone at 845-520-4111 or via email at



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