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Metal Ball Seal (MBS)

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Metal Ball Seal (MBS)

The CSS Metal Ball Seal (MBS) is a fixed length metal strap seal that is easy to install and can be embossed with a company name and consecutive numbers. The seal is manufactured with a double wire locking mechanism encased within the ball to secure your shipment and provide increased tamper resistance. The double locking barbs which offer audible evidence of proper engagement and locking.

Seals purchased online are embossed with "Cambridge" and consecutively numbered.

For quantities higher than 10,000 seals, please contact us via or 845-520-4111.

IN STOCK Silver metal

8.5” Total Length

7.25" Operational Length

NUMBERING Standard, sequential, 8 digits
IMPRINT "CAMBRIDGE," and consecutively numbered
IMPORTANT Please see the data sheet or contact our concierge team of experts to ensure fit-for-purpose and that your expectations are met.

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Features & Benefits of the Metal Ball Seal (MBS)

Inventory Program

Our Inventory Program streamlines your inventory, providing you with efficient, smooth operations. Our expert seals product team manages your fully customized orders, Just-in-Time, ensuring optimal supply and seamless shipments.

Innovative Tray Packaging

CSS packaging is custom-designed to suit every purchase order using our innovative tray system. Each box features a uniquely tailored tray for seamless distribution, making handling a breeze. Enjoy compact efficiency and organization with 10 units per tray.


Traceability in your supply chain gives you greater control and transparency in your chain of custody, and thus, it can decrease liability and streamline operational processes. The seal tells a story.

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