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How Cambridge Security Seals Drives Innovation

Innovation is the main force behind success in today's business world. In fact, technological innovation is the ultimate source of productivity and growth, according to Nobel Prize winner Robert Solow, American economist and founding father of neoclassical growth theory.

It helps companies to maintain competitive advantage, grow revenues, enhance customer experiences, and attract and retain talent. It also plays a critical role in driving sustainable business practices.

Although innovation is extremely important to the economy and to business success, it also comes at a high price. Researchers estimate that 70% to 90% of innovations fail. That’s a lot of pressure for any R&D engineering team whose job it is to foster innovation and make improvements. 

Common denominators of success in innovation

As a result of R&D’s teamwork and dedication, their results can be transformative. CSS is thrilled to announce a groundbreaking proprietary in-house technology. Several improvements will benefit customers, including:

  • Enhanced product quality and improved quality assurance
  • Sharply increased capacity, resulting in faster lead times
  • Dramatically reduced waste
  • Improved environmental impact

Cambridge Security Seals attributes its success innovation to teamwork, a culture of continuous improvement (CI), and a mission to serve others. The R&D team is dedicated to improving both processes and products to provide better value to customers. Exactly like a business, a rowing team achieves its goals by stroking together. "Most of the important things that get done are achieved by groups, not by individuals,” Robert Solow has said. “They’re done by a group of people working together, I think that’s a very important lesson to learn."

A culture of continuous improvement

As a result of our culture of teamwork and continuous improvement, we are able to deliver consistently high-quality, innovative products and the fastest delivery times in the industry,” says Ray Townsend, Director of Manufacturing at CSS.

“We are proud of our commitment to a culture of continuous improvement and enhancing the value that we provide to our customers,” says Townsend.

A mission to serve others

CSS is dedicated to delivering the best value and customer experience in the security seals industry. CSS is simultaneously maintaining a smaller ecological footprint and improving the environment where the CSS team operates and lives in Pomona, N.Y.

Innovation and the security seals evolution

CSS launching its new in-house technology is just one exciting step in marketplace innovation. Security seals solutions are the final end products, the fruits of labor of R&D teams involved in lengthy, ongoing processes. While failures occur in the invention of new security seals products, there have been many quite recent advancements in materials (both metals and plastics), Industry 4.0 manufacturing, printing, manufacturing techniques, and design. 

Additionally, different enclosure mechanisms are an aspect of progress under seals development, engineered with different applications in mind. For example, there are wire hasp closures on padlock seals, and other types of closing mechanisms available for cable seals, bolt seals, and pull-tight seals. Then, perhaps the most recent development in security seals evolution has been the adoption of reusable digital/ electronic seals, which issue a new number with each opening.

As security seals have developed, it’s enabled you, the customer, to have access to a wider range of seals applications and customizations. Want to know more about the customizations available? Contact us at 845-520-4111 or

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