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COMMON APPLICATIONS: Medical kits, burn kits, cabinets, narcotics boxes, first responder bags, portable oxygen therapy systems, AED's, first aid kits, crash carts

Critical assets and emergency medical equipment need to be maintained under stringent safety and security protocols. One-time use, uniquely numbered, easy to remove security seals enable compliance under life threatening circumstances. Our range of seals are engineered to be compact, reliable and secure. Developed during the pandemic, our line of A-MVB® (antimicrobial, antibacterial and antiviral) seals reduce the risk of cross contamination and provide the safest and most secure seal options available for EMS professionals.

Types of Seals for EMS Industries

Padlock Seal

One Piece Padlock Seal - (OPP)

One Piece Padlock Seal II (OPP-II)

Padlock Seal


Heavy Duty Pull Tight Seal (HPT)

Plastic Truck Seal (PTS)

Medium Duty Pull Tight Seal with Tear Off (MPT- TO)

Medium Duty Pull Tight Seal - Non Tear-Off (MPT- NTO)

Light Duty Pull Tight Seal (LPT)

Light Duty Pull Tight Seal (LPT) - Tear-Off

One Piece Seal (OPS)

One Piece Padlock Seal II (OPP-II)

Fixed Length Seal (FLS)

Twin Tote Seal (TTS)

Epic Seal - Tear-Off

Epic Seal - Non-Tear Off

Sky Seal - Tear-Off

Sky Seal - Non-Tear Off

Tape and Labels

Tamper Evident Tape

Tamper Evident Labels Non-Residue

Multicolored Tape

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