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5 Reasons Why CSS Showcases Its Solutions at the RILA Asset Protection Conference



Every year, the Retail Industry Leaders Association (RILA) hosts one of the most anticipated retail security industry events, The Retail Asset Protection Conference. The conference, which will be held this year from April 17th through April 20th in Dallas, Texas, brings together a wide variety of retail leaders and security professionals interested in advancing their understanding of security-enhancing products and improving their own loss prevention protocols.


As a recognized innovator and leading provider of tamper-evident seals and security solutions, CSS actively showcases its products and services at various industry trade shows and educational conferences throughout the year.  


Participating in these industry events enables us to network with both current and hopefully-soon-to-be customers, continue our own never-ending education about the industry and emerging technologies, and offers us a friendly platform in which we can comfortably engage with both current and hopefully-soon-to-be customers to demonstrate our capabilities and introduce new products and technologies.


The Retail Asset Protection Conference never fails to meet our expectations. As a longtime exhibitor, we thought it would be helpful to those considering attending the conference to share our experiences, and explain why this event is so essential to the asset protection community.




The Right People

The exhibitors and speakers at The Retail Asset Protection Conference are the leading global retailers, asset protection professionals, and the world’s foremost security solutions providers – and RILA brings all of these industry experts together under one roof.  


Our CSS team has learned a great deal from engaging with this accessible professional network, and this dimension of the conference provides excellent takeaway value from the experience.  We often share important information and news with our customers through our company’s blog, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter pages, which we hope further enriches our own customers’ relationship with CSS.


“Connecting with industry leaders whose everyday experiences bring added relevance to the security products and services that CSS offers is one of the major factors as to why we showcase our company at RILA’s Retail Asset Protection Conference,” explains Brian Lyle, President of Cambridge Security Seals. “Almost every major retailer attends, and the conference provides CSS with an effective platform to share product information, company insights, and the innovative developments emerging from our company.”




Personal Connections

At CSS, we’ve always viewed relationships as much more than merely phone numbers and email addresses.  Our team prides itself on connecting with our customers on a personal level, getting to know them as individuals with unique sets of needs, concerns, and values. 


The Retail Asset Protection Conference gives us the perfect opportunity to comfortably meet both customers and new connections face-to-face, and learn more about them as we present our company and engage on a professional and congenial level.


“Today, more than ever, personal relationships matter. There was a time when almost every customer interaction was face-to-face – but unfortunately, now its different,” explains Michael Berean, Marketing Manager at Cambridge Security Seals.  â€œWith all of the different forms and tools of communication today, developing personal connections can be difficult. The RILA Asset Protection Conference enables us to connect on a personal level to the people who matter most to us - our customers.”


Keynote Speakers

RILA’s Retail Asset Protection Conference features top-level executives from the retail industry who share their expertise through their presentations.  Every year, the lineup includes executives from some of the top retail chains across different markets, including companies such as The Gap, Dick’s Sporting Goods, CVS, and Rite Aid.  


The speakers often include Chief Operating Officers, Asset and Revenue Directors, and Loss Prevention Directors, who discuss various industry-relevant topics that range from asset tracking and protection to utilizing technology to advance security practices.


The video below, from RILA’s 2014 Asset Protection Conference, gives insight in to the topics and conversations that attendees can access and draw upon at the conference.



Seminars and Training Classes

Through the many seminars and classes that RILA offers, attendees and exhibitors can build their knowledge of the industry, and be exposed to practical, real-world information and experiences through the valuable insights presented at the conference.


Each year, RILA hand-picks instructors and presenters from top retailers and security solutions providers who are considered to be among the innovators and thought leaders in their fields. Topics are wide-ranging, typically covering aspects of loss prevention and asset protection as well as more general business topics such as leadership development.




Texas Bar-B-Q

This year’s RILA conference is in Dallas, and no trip to Texas would be complete without experiencing some of the finest BBQ in the USA (if not the world)!  Texans pride themselves the state’s diverse and rich history steeped in BBQ sauce, and CSS president and Texas native Brian Lyle assures us that no matter what part of the state you find yourself in, truly excellent BBQ is only a short drive away.


The city of Dallas boasts some of the best BQQ joints anywhere, and after a full day at the Asset Protection Conference, there’s nothing like relaxing and unwinding with a night of top-notch BBQ, Texas style!





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