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3 Tips for an Efficient Airline Security Seals Program

Despite economic uncertainties, global air travel is rising. The number of flights has already doubled this summer compared to last summer, according to Kathleen Bangs, a former commercial pilot and spokesperson at FlightAware. The increase in air travel reinforces the importance and reliability of tamper-evident security seals in air cargo transportation and air travel safety programs. That's where Cambridge Security Seals excels.

  • Tamper-evident tape  is exactly what airline catering carts require to ensure food safety.

  • Plastic One Piece Padlock Seal (OPP) is a popular item for airlines because it's designed to show when the locked item has been compromised, with plenty of room for customization.

  • CSS Medium Duty Pull Tight - TO  is perfect to secure food carts, beverage carts, and healthcare boxes. Available in 6", 8" and 10" length for tamper-evident security applications, the MTP is easy to apply and extra-easy to remove by hand with tear-away feature. 

Rise in Flights Demands Tighter Airline Safety

Major international airlines are increasingly turning to Cambridge Security Seals and its portfolio of best-in-class safety seals to secure their galleys, food and beverage carts, life vests, lavatories, and other aircraft components. With the post-pandemic travel surge in mind, CSS increased its capacity to ensure both its ability to meet the growing demands of domestic and international airlines as well as offer the industry's shortest lead times for customized seals.

Generally, the easiest path for any airline procurement officer or buyer is to continue on course with the same seals supplier year after year. But defaulting to incumbency is not necessarily the most effective policy to improving business efficiency or, in this case, the safety and security of precious cargo or even more precious passengers. In fact, developing a relationship with a top-notch supplier who can perform as an integrated partner, a veritable extension of the business providing services such as J-I-T inventory management, can be a substantial value-adding activity for the purchasing function.

As an experienced value-adding seals supplier to the global airline industry, we offer these 3 essential tips for all buyer seeking to upgrade their organization's seals programs.

3 Tips To Enhance An Airline Security Seals Program

As the major airlines look to tamper-evident seals suppliers to fill increasing demands, world-class service, high quality products, and reliable delivery can make a major difference in business and travel experience. With so many seal suppliers from which to choose, it can be challenging to make the best choice, especially when time is of the essence and you can't afford to run out of properly functioning seals. You can, however, follow these tips to help ensure the smooth and effective procurement of your airline's tamper-evident seals.

1. Place orders as soon as possible.

While orders can sometimes be turned around and shipped within very short time frames, it is recommended to place your order well in advance so that you can ensure timely and stress-free delivery. This is especially important for custom seals, which can be produced in your company colors with an imprinted logo and barcode or sequential numbering which enhance both security and reputation.

2. Continually reassess products for passenger and airline safety.

Regardless of the supplier, some products and features are less effective than others. Make sure your supplier understands your objectives, how exactly your company utilizes the seals, and, in consultation with their product specialist, reassess the effectiveness of your choice of seals and customization options.

For example, two of the most popular airline seals are the CSS Medium Pull Tight (MPT) seal with a tear-off feature and One Piece Padlock (OPP) seals, both of which are designed for ease of use and enhanced tamper-evident security.

  • The Medium Pull Tight (MPT) tear-off is readily available in adjustable 6", 8" and 10" lengths for flexible usage. This seal is easy to apply, and designed to easily remove with just one hand due to its tear-away feature.
  • The One Piece Padlock Seals are tamper-evident with a fixed dimension and easily readable panel, which offers the visibility and ease of record-keeping and application for in-flight personnel.

3. Choose a supplier that consistently provides world-class service.
Ask yourself: How does your current supplier communicate with you? Can you count on deliveries being on time? How is the construction, durability, and functionality of the product? Are you fully satisfied with the print options and quality? Does your supplier stock your custom product for immediate shipment?

It is important to continually reassess your suppliers because suppliers can change their processes, vendors, product designs, and more. A good and communicative working relationship with your supplier can go a long way towards ensuring that your needs are always kept in mind as they consider changes or enhancements to products and services.

Beyond these useful tips, a successful track record of a vendor speaks volumes. How long has the company been in business? Do they have any references they can share, or testimonials? It can be really informative to speak with a subject matter expert and find out, does your supplier offer this resource?

Experiencing is believing. Be sure to request product samples to help determine if they're suitable for your individual use case. Work closely with your vendor so that you can place every order with full confidence that you will be receiving what you need, to your custom specifications, and delivered on time.

Real-World Security Success for Leading Global Airlines

Throughout its history, Cambridge Security Seals has forged strategic partnerships with major international airlines. In one example, an airline successfully reduced instances of tampering and theft after adopting Cambridge's plastic security seals. Instances of cargo tampering decreased by a remarkable percentage within the first year of implementation.

Moreover, the airline personnel in the field praised the ease of use of Cambridge's security seals. In a fast-paced environment where time is of the essence, the quick application of these seals effectively streamlined operations, ensuring tamper-evident security without causing delays.

CSS ranks at the very top of the industry for the shortest lead times, highest quality printing, and overall value for tamper-evident seals. We encourage you to discover for yourself the peace of mind and outstanding value of our tried-and-true airline security options that our team of friendly industry professionals work so tirelessly to provide.

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